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Genmaicha – #754

Ingredients: 100% aracha from Wazuka, Kyoto
Region: Kyoto
Season: Summer harvest
Growing Altitude: 500 m
Producer: Akihiro Kita
Cultivar: Yabukita, about 35 years old
Cultivation Notes: A month after harvesting leaves to make Kabuse Sencha (shaded tea), a second crop is harvested to create Yanagi Bancha. A deep cropping increases volume to include slender pieces of twig. These twigs contain sugars that help to offset the potential bitterness of the more mature leaves
Processing notes: Light steaming (about 20 seconds). Rolled leaves. Blended with roasted sweet mochi rice
Shading: Shaded, 2 weeks

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Genmaicha – #754

There is a little bit of luxury here from the Obubu tea estate in Wakuka, Kyoto. This Genmaicha, or Brown Rice Tea, is produced using Yanagi Bancha and sweet roasted mocha rice.

The tea has a lovely balance of fresh green tea with prominent notes of toasted sweet rice.

Standard western-style brewing Instructions
Brewing vessel: small teapot // Tea: 7 grams // Water: 300ml // Water Temperature: 85˚C // Possible infusions: 2-3 // Brewing Time: 60/30/80 seconds (Please note that these are only basic guidelines. Many elements can affect the quality of your brew. We recommend finding a method that suits your personal taste.)


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