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Kurihara Gyokuro Heritage – #1974

Ingredients: 100% Yamecha green tea leaves
Region: Fukuoka
Season: Spring harvest
Growing Altitude: 300 – 700 m
Producer: Kippei, Yuji and Akio Kurihara, Kurihara Seicha Ltd
Cultivar: Yabukita
Cultivation Notes:
Processing notes: Light steaming (about 30 seconds)
Shading: Shaded, 3 weeks

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Gyokuro Heritage – #1974

Gyokuro is Japans most premium tea and there is something very special about this Kurihara, Heritage Gyokuro.

This Gyokuro gets its name from the traditional handmade bamboo or straw shading used to shade the plants for 3 weeks before harvest. This process creates a very delicate and sweet tea.

We recommend brewing at warm temperatures between 40˚C and 60˚C to experience the best this tea has to offer.

Not for the faint hearted. Many westerners expect an almost sweet experience when drinking tea and while this tea does have its sweet notes, there is a mighty punch of umami reminiscent of the rock pools and the deep blue sea.

Broth-like and vegetal with notes of the seaweed. The liquor of this wonderful tea is a vivid green.

A perfect compliment to steamed white fish.

Standard western-style brewing Instructions:
Brewing vessel: small teapot // Tea: 15 grams // Water: 300ml // Water Temperature: 60˚C // Possible infusions: 2-6 // Brewing Time: 60/30/40/60/100/120 seconds
(Please note that these are only basic guidelines. Many elements can affect the quality of your brew. We recommend finding a method that suits your personal taste.)


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