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Kyobancha – #288

Ingredients: 100% aracha from Wazuka, Kyoto
Region: Kyoto
Season: Winter harvest
Growing Altitude: 500 m
Producer: Akihiro Kita
Cultivar: Yabukita plants, about 15 years old
Cultivation Notes: Open air cultivation (uncovered)
Processing notes: Harvested from leaves and twigs that have matured over the winter months and then roasted to produce its characteristic woodsy flavour. Unrolled leaves.
Shading: Unshaded

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Kyobancha – #288

This spring Bancha is rarely offered outside of Japan. Unique to the city of Kyoto, Kyobancha is harvested in March from the leaves and twigs that have matured over the winter months. The leaves are then roasted to create this wonderful smokey tea.

Kyobancha is easy to drink and produces a tea that is light and refreshing.

Standard western-style brewing Instructions –
Brewing vessel: small teapot // Tea: 7 grams // Water: 300ml // Water Temperature: 70˚C // Possible infusions: 2-3 // Brewing Time: 60/30/80 seconds
(Please note that these are only basic guidelines. Many elements can affect the quality of your brew. We recommend finding a method that suits your own personal taste.)


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