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Matcha Organic – #8366

Name: Organic Matcha
Ingredients: 100% tencha tea leaves (unrolled leaves specifically cultivated for matcha)
Region: Wazuka, Kyoto
Season: Late Spring – Early Summer
Growing Altitude: varies
Producer: Nakai Seicha
Cultivar: blend of several cultivars, depending on weather conditions of that year
Cultivation Notes:
Processing notes: Light steaming (about 30 seconds)
Shading: Shaded, 4 weeks

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Matcha Organic – #8366
This vivid green, high-grade matcha is packed with antioxidents. Made with premium Tencha leaves from Kyushu Island, this matcha produces a velvety smooth, vivid green, full-bodied liquor with a creamy froth.

Equipment: bamboo whisk, matcha bowl, matcha scoop // Matcha: 1.5-3 grams // Water: 40-70 ml // Water Temperature: 70 – 80˚C // (Please note: 40ml of water to 3 grams of matcha will make Koicha, thick matcha, and 70ml of water to 1.5 grams of matcha will make thin matcha, Usucha.)


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