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Medium Roast Dong Ding – #06

Ingredients: Taiwanese Oolong
Region: WuShe Region, Taiwan
Season: August 2014
Growing Altitude: 1,000m
Producer: Chen Chi Shin
Cultivar: CuiYu
Cultivation Notes: Grown and prepared in the original style (800-1,000m, 50% roast)
Processing notes: 30% oxidization, 50% roast, rolled
Shading: None

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Medium Roast Dong Ding – #06

While there is a certain craftsmanship that goes into creating all quality teas, the skill in producing this Medium Roast Dong Ding is undeniable. This Special Reserve is a single-source, Taiwanese tea, grown 1,400m above sea level.

Dong Ding Mountain, from which all Dong Ding teas take their name, also lends its name to a process and style of tea preparation. The golden ratio of fermentation to roast to which it owes its name is elusive and difficult to master with consistency.

Brewed at high temperatures the flavour of this tea is reminiscent of baking spices. At lower temperatures, notes of buttery sweet plums.

Standard western-style brewing Instructions –
Brewing vessel: small teapot // Tea: 7 grams // Water: 300ml // Water Temperature: 85 – 90˚C // Possible infusions: 3- 4 // Brewing Time: 5 (rinse)/120/80/140/180 seconds
(Please note that these are only basic guidelines. Many elements can affect the quality of your brew. We recommend finding a method that suits your personal taste.)


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