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Oriental Beauty – #10

Ingredients: 100% Taiwanese Oolong
Region: PingLin District, Taiwan
Season: July 2014
Growing Altitude: 700-800m
Producer: Cheng Ted Shieng
Cultivar: QingXinDaPa
Cultivation Notes: Grown using no spray techniques, to ensure that the tips of the leaves are bitten
Processing notes: 70% oxidization, 0% roast, unrolled
Shading: None

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Oriental Beauty – #10

Originally called Fermosa among Europeans, this enchanting tea was finally given its name by Queen Victoria, who likened its elegance to the beautiful noblewomen of the east. At that time it was said that 15kg of Oriental Beauty was equivalent to the cost of a small house in Taiwan.

Oriental Beauty is well known amongst aficionados for its distinctive bright citrus flavours. The aftertaste has a special plum-like sweetness with notes of date and muscatel-like qualities.

The special character of this tea is created by the tea Jassid; a small, cricket like insect that is encouraged, through the non-use of pesticides, to nibble at the edges of the leaves. The plant releases an enzyme to protect itself. The leaves that have been attacked turn yellow and begin to oxidise on the bush. It is these leaves that are painstakingly harvested to produce this truly special tea.

Standard western-style brewing Instructions:
Brewing vessel: small teapot // Tea: 7 grams // Water: 300ml // Water Temperature: 85 – 90˚C // Possible infusions: 3- 4 // Brewing Time: 5 (rinse)/120/80/140/180 seconds
(Please note that these are only basic guidelines. Many elements can affect the quality of your brew. We recommend finding a method that suits your personal taste.)


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